Where was the Stikalz brand born and how is it developing?

What milestones have already been passed, and what are still to come?

What does the company's multinational team symbolize?

Let's get to know each other better!

We started 11 years ago with a small vinyl sticker production office in the US with a few employees. Since then we have grown to a manufacturing facility with many employees in the US, Ukraine, and Belarus.

We handle large volumes of orders daily and are constantly exploring new opportunities to grow our business.

In the not too distant past, we had 2 stores in Lynnhaven Mall (Virginia Beach, VA) and Macarthur Mall (Norfolk, VA) for several years.

Our current focus is on the online side of the business.

We are happy to be a part of such well-known shopping sites as Amazon, Etsy, Overstock, Wayfair, eBay, and of course, Shopify!

2984 South Lynnhaven Road

Stickalz LLC is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA.

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